Microsoft and Silicon Valley’s assault on the 1st amendment. Video games social media censorship and toxic gamers. (Video)

NPD Analyst Mat Piscatella: Gaming Industry Should ‘Fire Toxic Customers’

The NPD is well known among core gamers for producing monthly sales data for the United States of America’s gaming market. Every month via analyst Mat Piscatella and his incredibly informative Youtube channel, you’ll get a rundown of which software has performed strongly and which consoles are selling best. This also comes with analysis of the year to date, meaning you can see what titles are consistent performers, like Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter World and God of War in 2018. If you enjoy sales data in any way I urge you to head here and check it out. Considering Mat’s job and Twitter presence, it should come as no shock that he experiences all kinds of gamers. From those genuinely interested in how their favorite series sells, to the idiots who want to know if the black box they love the most outsells the black box they don’t own.
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Ubisoft has implemented a new system in Rainbow Six Siege that bans players for using toxic language in the text chat, according to PC Gamer.

Yesterday, a number of players started whining about being temporarily banned from the game after using a racist or homophobic slur in the text chat. The first offense results in a 27 minute ban. Second and third offenses will cost players 2 hours of game time, and any following toxic language will result in an official investigation and potentially a permanent ban from the game.

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Microsoft’s new gaming cloud division readies for a future beyond Xbox

Microsoft shipped its first video game in 1981, appropriately named Microsoft Adventure. It was an MS-DOS game that booted directly from a floppy disk, and set the stage for Microsoft’s adventures in gaming. A lot has changed over the past 37 years, and when you think of Microsoft’s efforts in gaming these days you’ll immediately think of Xbox. It’s fair to say a lot is about to change over the next few decades too, and Microsoft is getting ready. Today, the software giant is unveiling a new gaming cloud division that’s ready for a future where consoles and gaming itself are very different to today.

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Microsoft Demands Violent Threats Be Removed from Neo-Nazi Complies

Microsoft took one of its few actions to restrict unsafe speech by demanding the microblogging service removed two posts by a neo-Nazi that threatened violence. Gab is known for an expansive, some say extreme attitude towards permitting all forms of speech without moderation.

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Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will focus on ‘XCloud’ game streaming

Microsoft is currently developing its next-generation Xbox, with recent reports suggesting the console will launch in 2020. While the hardware will undoubtedly surpass the capabilities of the current Xbox One X console, Microsoft is also focusing on game streaming for the future of Xbox titles. reports that Microsoft is also working on a second Xbox console that will be limited to streaming games.

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Microsoft’s New Xbox Streaming Device Reportedly Runs on Scarlett Cloud Platform

Rumors are swirling about Microsoft’s next generation of Xbox consoles, and a new report features additional details about what a streaming-focused release from the company may be capable of. If new information released regarding Microsoft’s smaller, cloud-based platform is true, it could end up changing the way we experience new console launches significantly.

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Why Infowars’ Alex Jones was banned from Apple, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify

Over the course of 24 hours, most social media giants kicked one of the most infamous conspiracy theory peddlers off their platforms.

Alex Jones, the creator of the Infowars website and multiple talk shows, has had a hand in spreading hoaxes online, including unproven theories that the Sandy Hook massacre was fabricated, and that Democrats ran a child abuse-ring out of a pizzeria.

But that’s not why he was banned from these platforms on Aug. 5 and 6.

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During QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda game director Todd Howard, development director Chris Mayer, and project lead Jeff Gardiner were part of a Q&A session centered on the upcoming Fallout 76.

While we know a fair amount about the setting and general gameplay mechanics, the Q&A yielded a few interesting new bits of information about customization, what you lose in death, and a uniquely brilliant way of dealing with online trolls and griefing.

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